Respect. Your. Biology

I often wonder if others in the gym see fitness through the same lens as we, as Coaches at RHCF, do.
As a gym that promotes CrossFit; “the movement practice”,  as opposed to CrossFit; “the sport”, at times we see things much more different than most.
Is that a push-up or nothing more than spinal extension?
A ring support? Or someone who incredibly lacks shoulder stability?
Do you see a full range of motion deadlift? Or someone who lacks hip extension and probably shouldn’t be lifting all that weight?
Was that really a pull-up? Or are you compensating by simply pulling through biceps instead of initiating proper pulling patterns through your shoulders and scapula?
I’m not trying to wow you with fancy wording but what I am leading to is that there is FAR more to what we’re trying to accomplish as Coaches than to simply get you to “exercise”
The more I’m introduced to new beautiful people in our fitness community the more I get to see just how polluted our minds have become with such bullshit fitness paradigms and beliefs this world has been led to believe is true.
I thought of a great way to further relay our message to aid in all of us together to see the bigger picture.  You guys all have a Coach for a reason… You can’t see the full picture if you’re IN the frame!  So to further promote our ideology of CrossFit, “the movement practice”, I shall compare it to the current state of the nutrition world.
Many out there, and even in our gym, count their macros on a daily basis.  This meaning they count their total intake of proteins, fats, and carbs on a daily basis. This is their guide for nutrition.  There is a belief to MANY out there that simply calling a fat a fat, a carb a carb, and a protein a protein is the only thing that matters in terms of dietary choices and by adhering to a specific macronutrient quantity, they’ll see their desired results. While there is SOME validity to this, there is far more that needs to be considered in terms of your overall health and wellness than simply the counting of macros. To paraphrase JJ Virgin,  your body is a chemical shit-storm, not a math equation.
One thing we rarely account for is the MICROnutrients in our diet.  The essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which all play vital roles in our internal health.
I won’t go too deep on the topic of nutrition as there are hundreds of books already written on this topic.  But I do want to compare these Macros and Micros to how we view fitness as a whole.
Consider the Macros (building blocks that most people focus on) to be Strength, Conditioning (I hate the world cardio…), and Body Building.
Consider the Micros (the important stuff that often gets pushed aside but is just as and even more important to our health) to be the mobility, motor control, patterning, stability, and joint preparation.
What many lack to understand is that food speaks to your DNA. The fascinating science of epigenetics teaches us that our environments shape our cells and who we are/what we become. Our lifestyles teach our genes how to behave. Our choices of either healthy or unhealthy food and habits will program our genes for good or for bad.  After all, food is the primary way we interact with our environment…
Much like our food speaks to our bodies on a cellular level, so do our movements and training.  In not only working on our strength and conditioning levels daily, but supplementing in the mobility, stability, motor control, and joint preparation work, we’re giving our bodies the further nutrition it needs to thrive.  We’re teaching our bodies the language of movement allowing our joints to freely express themselves and keep our bodies primed for all challenges.  It goes beyond the basics of strength levels and VO2 max.  What about the health of our joints, tendons, and ligaments?  They’re just as critical to our PHYSICAL HEALTH as our muscles, are they not?
The focus is not to train muscle groups. The focus is to train patterns.  When your body has the patterns recognized and the mobility and function to perform said movement, guess what? The related muscle groups, tendons, and ligaments in regards to that pattern get worked properly, BUILDING muscle, ligament strength, and tendon resilience!  But when our bodies lack the proper preparation and function, neurologically we then alter the patterns in negative ways. In turn, we are unable to work the proper muscle groups which are responsible for stabilizing the joint at hand. This leading to body imbalances, unnecessary stress on the wrong joints, tendons, and ligaments, and we become more and more susceptible to injury the longer this goes on.  Not to mention how inefficient and ugly it looks…
I’ve said time and time again to RESPECT the whiteboard.  There is a reason that everything that gets laid out is on there.  There is PURPOSE behind everything you guys come in to do every day.  Don’t be like the average gym goer or even, dare I say, CrossFit enthusiast. Be beyond that!  You’re all smarter than that.  This is more than a workout.  This is beyond exercise. This isn’t all about the RX weights or setting new PR’s all the time. This is, after all, the physical health and well being of your body we’re trying to improve upon.  Think big picture, not just beating your last Fran time.  Are those 3 seconds really proving you’re “fitter” than ever before or were you just stationed closer to the pull-up bar this time?  Gimme a break…
Our aim is to FIX these improper patterns some of you may have.  To open up your hips and shoulders and teach the surrounding muscle groups to support, stabilize, and fire properly so that all movements can be done properly, allowing for the proper demands of the workout to be met.  Being patient and paying attention to us coaches will give your physical body plenty of rewards to be reaped for the rest of your lives.
The choice is yours.
Are you in the box or in a gym to simply chase exhaustion or to progress?
Micros not just macros.