Functional Eating Resource Triplet

Sticking with the theme of fundamentals, I believe that eating under a general template is the holy grail of long-term meal planning success…or for lack of a better word, eating. Rigid meal plans work until they don’t…and then they really don’t. Life can and will get in the way. Rigidity is prescriptive, not sustainable. Like Mike Tyson’s trainer Cus D’amato once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.
When you eat from a functional template or a certain set of fundamentals like a philosophy on how to build a plate or bowl from scratch–you have now become flexibly-rigid. Like Kelly Starret setting you on the path to becoming a Supple Leopard, flexible rigidity will allow you to eat under the more rigid way of life JERFing (JERF = Just Eat Real Food) with the flexibility of whipping up a plate as you see fit with JERF inputs.
If there ever existed three resources that I was forced to hand out to clients– that would set them on the path of eating whole unprocessed foods for life, or JERF, or Earth Grown Nutrients as famed UFC Sports Nutritionist Mike Dolce would say (check out his guest appearance on the Barbell Shrugged podcast:, or foods that your Great-great grandparents would look at the plate and not go “what the hell is that?” as Tony Horton of P90x fame would say– it would be as follows:
Precision Nutritionwhy you cannot stop overeating junk food” fundamentals included in this infographic can set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits, such as: chewing, eating until 80% full, eating mindfully, reading labels etc…:
  • Precision Nutrition Create the perfect meal with this five-step infographic guide” this infographic again from PN, provides the template to build a plate or bowl with on hand ingredients at a moment’s notice. 


The above resources may not get you 100% of the way, whatever that way is, but I would be willing to bet they will get you at least 80% of the way to lifelong health, especially a healthy relationship with food. More importantly, they will ensure that you never sway too far from the path—such as what the balancing act of life is all about.