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100% beginner friendly
No athletic background required
Over 50% of our Richmond Hill CrossFit & Athletics members join our gym with zero CrossFit experience and no fitness background.
Each movement comes with many different scaling options so each participant can complete the workouts with the rest of the class.
You will never be asked to do something you're not comfortable with or that is above your current fitness abilities.
Best Gym in Richmond Hill
We train with purpose - to become healthy, strong, functional human beings
We build a foundation by teaching proper movement patterns to support strength training, and remaining injury free.
Best Gym in Richmond Hill
We train in full range of motion to improve flexibility, strengthen ligaments and joints, and increase overall muscular strength.
Best Gym in Richmond Hill
Coach Anthony is focused on building healthy, young bodies that allow us to move with ease like children at play.
Best Gym in Richmond Hill
Learn to move well so you can live younger, longer
Let Richmond Hill CrossFit & Athletics double as your movement practise
Become strong, fast, and conditioned - and train your body to move freely and effortlessly.
Our training program will:
  • - Improve your flexibility
  • - Reverse years of what sitting has done to the body
  • - Reduce and prevent stiff joint pain
  • - Increase bone, muscle, and ligament strength and toughness
  • - Get you in great shape and prepared for any physical task
Best Gym in Richmond Hill
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Today's Workout

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Happy Birthday, Carlo!

15 MIN Alternating EMOM

7 x Overhead Squats 115/75 (1st)
Ring Plank (2nd)
7x KB DL + 2L Carry (3rd)



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Coach / Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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